A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Apostate was made for the GMTK 2018 Game Jam.

The game is an rpg/adventure game without leveling up. Instead, you lose levels when reaching a new section. This loss of level is supposed to be your character losing their faith in their order and learning to manage with the bare minimum.

By making the player choose what skill to remove this 2D adventure game turns itself into a puzzle. The player is forced to decide what abilities they can part with and still be able to progress. There are multiple ways to finish the game so there are different orders of removing your skills to still level up. But there is one best way of removing your skills to still get the most amount of coins.

Also due to the skill loss, the game has replayability value so users can try to see how many coins they can get or which way is the fastest.

The game was made in Java using just JavaFX. The entire game was made by just me, even all the sound effects were recorded and edited by me.

For my first ever game jam I'd say it turned out well. But maybe next time I should use a game engine.


  • Use A or Left to go left
  • Use D or Right to go right
  • Use W, Space, or Up to jump
  • Use R to restart

Install instructions

Java is required.


Apostasy.jar 6 MB

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